Water Saving

Start saving water today through a JoJo tank installation.

"Water in your Tank is as good as Money in the Bank"

Water is necessary to sustain human life. While people and industry use water as if it flows in abundance, water is not a limitless resource, particularly fresh potable water that is necessary for human survival. Without conservation efforts, this vital supply of water will eventually become exhausted, leaving us all in a very vulnerable situation. Conservation of water through a JoJo tank installation has immediate economic, environmental, health and future generation benefits.

Cool Ideas offers a wide range of water saving solutions including JoJo tank installation, rainwater harvesting, grey water storage, improvement in household water pressure and municipal water backup systems (buffer tanks). Whatever your water saving requirements, we can tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs.

Our Offerings:

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Municipal Water Backup Systems

Water Buffering, is a water storage system that allows you to easily install a backup water JoJo tank that connects to the main water supply of your premises. This JoJo tank then acts as a buffer to guard against unsuspected water cuts by the municipality or burst water pipes. 

The JoJo tank is filled up by the municipal water supply and supplies water directly to your household when municipal supply is interrupted. 

As the municipal water flows through the JoJo tank, this ensures that your tank always stores fresh water to provide a back-up when municipal water supply is cut-off.

JoJo tank installations are a great insurance for businesses that require water in order for their business to operate.

Rainwater and Grey-water Harvesting 

Cool Ideas offers JoJo tank installations for rainwater and greywater harvesting at a very competitive price.

With these JoJo tank installation we are able to redirect this water back into your house to reduce part of your water and sanitation costs.

We also offer JoJo tank installation kits for DIY jobs. These kits include all the components that one requires to install a rainwater or greywater system without having to source any additional components or fittings.

Improving Water Pressure

Some areas of South Africa experience very poor water pressure from the municipal water supply. 

Cool Ideas can improve your water pressure and at the same time offer our clients a water buffering tank that can store water when municipal water has been cut.


Water  Saving  Products

We offer a wide range of very competitive water saving products that include:

  • Water storage JoJo tanks
  • Water pressure pumps
  • Water filters
  • DIY rainwater and greywater harvesting kits
  • Household water saving products
  • JoJo tank installations

For a quote on a Jojo tank installation please email us at:    info@cool-ideas.co.za