Traffic Calming :

"Caution and care make Accidents rare"

The Calm-i  unit is a compact speed monitoring and overspeed warning device. The unit is specifically designed to detect speeding vehicles and warns the driver if they are exceeding a legal or the recommended roadside speed limit. The Calm-i unit has a white LED strobe that flashes to notify drivers when they are approaching the speed limit and has the option to take photos of vehicles that exceed the speed limit. The Calm-i unit collects data of the traffic passing through that road (number of vehicles per hour/day/week, peak and average speeds etc). This data can be presented to the client on a weekly or monthly basis. This is a great way to track trends and protect the Body Corporate or Estate HOA from accident liabilities, where the drivers in the estate cannot deny that they were not warned about excessive speeding and estate/campus speed limit.

The Calm-i traffic calming and monitoring systems are great for changing driver behaviour and getting the facts on traffic volume and speeds. The Estate or HOme Owners Association Management is then in a better position to engage with the municipality for road closures, traffic calming and traffic enforcement interventions. 

Cool Ideas have installed a number of these units across the country.


Standard Kit

Standard Kit

This includes: The Calm-i radar and warning sign (Your Speed, or Slow Down), Weather resistant enclosure, Road alignment brackets, Pole mount and bracket, 12V Batteries and a high performance battery charger, Installation and training included

We strive to ensure that our prices remain competitive within the market and that our units are of outstanding quality.

Additional Options

Additional Options

We also offer the following add-ons: Solar panels as an alternative option for the rechargeable batteries offered in the standard pack, GPRS traffic data analytics (traffic volumes and average speeds of motorists) that is collected by the radar and portable units that can be moved from one site to another.

Latest Features

Latest Features

Cool Ideas strives to keep up to date with the latest technological developments within the traffic, water and energy industries. Subsequently the Calm-I traffic calming unit will now offers the latest traffic calming technologies including traffic/monitoring camera's, as well as number plate recognition systems that can be used to identify speeding motorists as well as monitor selected roads for security purposes.

Current Calm-I units can be easily upgraded to include these latest features


Q.     From what distance can the Calm-I detect vehicle speeds?

A.      On average, the Calm-I unit can identify and track the speeds of vehicles from 100m away. This depends on how straight the road is and if there are             objects in the way that could obstruct the vision of the radar. In ideal circumstances, the Calm-I unit can identify vehicles from over 150m away. The             detection range is also a function of the gain set on the radar.

      Note also the LED display is designed to be readable from 100m (20/20 vision) 


Q.   If there are more than two vehicles travelling down the same road close together, which vehicle speed will the Calm-I unit deflect?

A.   The Calm-I unit can be set to detect either the fastest or boldest vehicle on the road. The boldest vehicle refers to the vehicle closest to the Calm-I traffic       sign, this is usually recommended when utilising the speed camera. The boldest car ensures that the radar is monitoring the vehicle that is in the field of         view of the camera. The fastest car setting is beneficial for slowing down all cars travelling on the road, as all vehicles see that speed warning from the           Calm-I unit and slow down to ensure that they are not the one speeding. 

Q.   How accurate is the speed radar within the Calm-I unit?

A.   The Calm-I unit is accurate to 0.5km/h. This means that if a vehicle is travelling 60km/h the radar will read the speed between 59.5km/h to 60.5km/h.           Relative accuracy also depends on the vehicle speedometer accuracy and the tire pressure.


Q.   What is the maximum speed that the radar can detect?

A.   The Calm-I unit could track speeds exceeding 180 km/h, however it should be noted that the sign board of the Calm-I unit only offers space to display           two digits, therefore the maximum display of the speed is 99km/h.


Q.   What traffic data is stored by the Calm-I unit?

A.    The Calm-I unit can track and store the following traffic data:

  • The number of cars that travel on the road in an allocated time-period (hour, day, week, month, etc)
  •  The peak and average speed of the vehicles traveling on the road
  • 85 th percentile speeds
  • Speed and Count Histogram


Q.   How long will it take to receive the Calm-I unit after ordering a unit?

A.    The Calm-I unit will be delivered to clients an average of 3-4 weeks after ordering the unit. The lead time depends on production runs and stock.


Q.   How does one power the Calm-I traffic unit?

A.    The Calm-I unit can be powered in three different ways:

  • Battery powered – A 12V battery is inserted into the back of the Calm-I unit. This battery will allow the unit to run for roughly 10 days before the battery will require charging. The benefit of the battery system is that it is easier to move the Calm-I unit.
  • Solar powered – A solar panel is erected close to where the Calm-I unit will be situated. This solar panel will charge the battery. The benefit of this option is that one does not need to manually charge the battery as the solar panel charges it automatically. When compared to the battery powered options, this form of power supply is slightly more restrictive with regards to the movability of the unit, but quick connects can be ordered.
  • Mains power – If available, we can connect directly from a mains power supply


Q.   Can the Calm-I unit track the speeds of vehicles approaching it, as well as vehicles traveling away from the unit?

A.   Yes, the Calm-I unit can track vehicles approaching as well as travelling away from the unit. The only limitation is that vehicles moving away from the             unit will not see the speed warning sign. The accuracy is also slightly impaired with vehicle moving away from the sign.


Q.   Can I customise the display sign of the Calm-I unit?               

A.    Yes, it is possible to customise the display sign of the Calm-I unit. The wording “Your Speed” or “Slow Down” is the most common options, however we          design the sign to meet your specific needs. 

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